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Protect Oak Flat

Please join us standing against the proposed destruction of Oak Flat. This Apache “pathway to the Creator” was given away in an 11th-hour land swap to Rio Tinto Mining, as part of the Defense Budget—without the Apache people or larger public’s awareness. The second largest riparian area in the United States, the land was originally saved from mining by Eisenhower. The UK/Australian mining concern has made large campaign contributions the two Arizona senators who effected the swap. If the mining is allowed to go through, “pristine areas and a fragile ecosystem wouldbe forever desecrated by the implosion caused from the mining extraction process and it would leach into the water” and “all access to the sacred springs and Ceremonial Grounds” would be lost.

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Oak Flat. Credit: Sky Jacobs.

It reminds me of the last Apache battle in Cibecue, where Apaches were gathering for Holy Ground and religious freedom was ignored and the Medicine men were killed. Since then, its happening again, the battle for religion. Never before have 400 tribes joined together with Religious groups and environmental groups, rock climbers and others who enjoy Oak Flat.

– Wendsler Nosie, San Carlos Apache Leader