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MEMBERSHIP [under discussion]

We are considering establishing a website membership in order to encourage support and ideas.

While the land of Aravaipa Canyon remains vested in the hands of the living decendants of Chief Capitan Chiquito, we welcome the ideas and suggestions of members of the greater Apache nation, especially members of the tsebina zt i e clan and San Carlos Reservation.

We are also interested in hearing from those who wish to lend support for the site’s natural conservation and historic preservation.


We hope to make future editions of our newsletter available to download to registered members, in order to keep those interested up to date about discussions among Aravaipa Canyon shareholders regarding the property and its future.


This site is for all those who care about the Aravaipa land of “Big Sycamore Stands There ” and what it means for the Aravaipa Apache people and the Apache nation as a whole. As such, it is a work in progress.

It is our hope that the Website will help our community continue its conversation on the future of Aravaipa Canyon. To this end, we are looking into setting up a future bulletin board where people can exchange their thoughts and ideas.


We are also looking into the possibility of establishing a digital archive on the site as a collection point for preserving materials related to the history of the Aravaipa Apache, such as:

  • Family photographs
  • Oral and written family histories, memories and quotes
  • Letters, historic newspaper articles, etc.
  • People’s thoughts about the land, its history and what it means to them

If you have something you would like to share or contribute – including thoughts and suggestions – please feel please contact us at aravaipaapaches @ yahoo • com


Click here to read about efforts under way to repatriate the remains of a young female victim of the Camp Grant Massacre from the Smithsonian.

Members of the tsebina zt i e clan, in particular, are encouraged to contact the Tribal Chairman to voice their feelings and make suggestions.

Two of the great granddaughters of Chief Capitan Chiquito Bullis, Velma Bullis Hartman (top) and Deanna Reed (bottom).

I came with my father to this place. That’s when he would tell the story. He would cry when he told the story.

Apache Elder Larry Mallow, Sr.