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Protect Oak Flat

AAC stands in solidarity with San Carlos Apache efforts to have Oak Flat declared a national monument, in order to protect the sacred site from mining devastation.

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Preview The Story of Capitan Chiquito

AAC President John Hartman has completed an account of the life of Chief Capitan Chiquito and the Aravaipa Apaches.

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Velma Bullis Hartman • 1949 – 2013

Apaches of Aravaipa Canyon deeply mourns the loss of Velma Bullis who, as a great granddaughter of Chief Capitan Chiquito of the Aravaipa Apache, was one of the organization’s co-founders. A rare and gentle person full of intelligence and grace, she will be sorely missed by all who knew her.

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Connecting the Young People of San Carlos to Their History

The teaching of history and connecting the youth of San Carlos to their heritage remains an important mission of Apaches of Aravaipa Canyon.

Read about the success of a recent student visit to Aravaipa Canyon.

Smithsonian Repatriation Efforts

After many years of effort on the part of John Hartman, Velma Bullis, San Carlos Tribal Elders and others, the skull of a young Apache woman killed during the Camp Grant Massacre has at last been repatriated from the Smithsonian. She was recently laid to rest alongside her people.

Learn about the theft of her remains and our repatriation efforts.

Youth from San Carlos visit Aravaipa

Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History

The tragedy of Camp Grant cannot be forgotten.
We can work side by side to make sure it will never be repeated.

Philip Cassadore, San Carlos Apache. Quoted in Big Sycamore Stands Alone by Ian Record.