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© Ella Fantry 2007

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afternoon wine forgetting the barge streaming forth at the beach watch out the car in which we sat dark years catskills closing fast ciphers wander in dark green bottle encasing embarcadero catching fall-out chair set them going fate or no subject matter frugal, stinting notations furnace dock road fourteen.fifteen gather speed invariability half a letter standing at the hard little parts cannot be hostile witness were we even lights over JFK let alone make do or forfeit mass of one's errors maelstrom model topography mass grave new spine now-that-I-am-older nyc summer fishing around once scattershot form fitting once the step cast about the other mary letter pine lake park casting about plundered the grid casting about rather than outside in the cold reception frivolous undertakings at the sea's edge in between set store another time sick sad days careening moment splinters too across from stand of beech why didn't you write? that summer terror time two white boxes the great blank moon vice wurst leaning on wash girl forward march where we left off imparting gloom why didn't you write? emerging gaps wobbly but determined unbuttoned universe yield instead programmatic blur